• About Us

    Born in Florida USA and raised in Puerto Rico, surrounded by the sea and palm trees. As a child I was always very active, I was always present at every sporting event. As a teenager, I signed up for a track and field competition where I represented the school. Local trainers saw my performance and saw the potential it had. I was recruited by a trainer and immediately put to the test. Discipline, courage and a focused mind were forged in each training session. They had created a Gladiator representing their own.
    Sometime later, I entered the United States Armed Forces. There I was able to understand that every second of life is important and that every action we take has its consequences. My character and leadership led me to be the person I am today. In difficult times is where invincible men and women called Gladiators are created.

    My inspiration and role model are my family, especially my father who is no longer with us. He was there in each of my stages, motivating me and correcting me to get the full potential that was in me. Sometimes we even trained together so he wouldn't be alone. Excellent way to learn about life. A Gladiator teaching me how to be a Gladiator.

    Hi, Im Francisco Salgado
    Founder of Gladiator Secrets
    Respect, Values and Courage distinguishes us.

    "Another day to change lives"

  • Why Gladiator Secrets?

    People regularly asked me what products I use? What can I do to stay in shape? Or how do I stay energetic all day?

    Among so many questions I was able to identify a gap or need to find a good product to recommend. In a certain way I was able to notice the ability that I had to inspire others to get in shape, to be focused and healthy.


    Here at GLADIATOR SECRETS™️ we took on the task of offering high quality products made in the USA. Our products are produced under rigorous standards in facilities registered by the FDA, GMP and Third Party Laboratories Certified for Purity and Potency. Our products have nothing to envy of large chains and recognized brands since we are at the TOP for our quality.

    Have you ever heard the phrase “Cheap is expensive”. This happens when we acquire something at a low cost and it ends up being of poor or low quality. When it comes to Health and Wellness, quality is paramount. Given our standards, the products are extremely accessible and at competitive prices.

    My passion is to be able to create a community of Gladiators focused on carrying the message of having a healthy life and in some way or another to be able to inspire and/or help those people who want to be in shape.

    Let's make the difference with Gladiator Secrets.